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Welcome to a new era of Conservativism in action!

January 12, 2016

Fellow Conservative,

Thank you for being a faithful member of the Republican Party of Eau Claire County (RPECC), and for giving your time and effort to the Conservative cause. You should hold your head high for you have much to be proud of.

When Barak Obama was elected President in 2008, Democrats controlled the US Senate by 2 votes and the US House of Representatives by 18 votes. 29 State governors were Democrats, and the Democrat party and had outright control of 27 State legislatures. The result has been a disaster. With total control of the US Congress, the Democrats rammed through destructive legislation such as the 'Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare' act and the Dodd–Frank 'Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection' Act on party-line votes. Now Health Care costs are rising, the economy is in a shambles, and our foreign policy is a disaster. Terrorism is on the rise while our President focuses on depriving law-abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights and combating 'climate change' by further damaging our economy.

Then, in 2010, with your help, we elected Scott Walker to be our Governor and Ron Johnson to be our US Senator, and our local Republican candidates soundly defeated their Democrat opponents to flip the Wisconsin Legislature for the first time in decades. In 2012, local Republican candidates fought off recall attempts and increased their majorities in the Wisconsin State Assembly and State Senate. In 2014, we re-elected Governor Walker and maintained Republican control of the Wisconsin legislature. This allowed our Republican candidates to balance the state's budget for the first time in decades while reducing income taxes and keeping property taxes and college tuition's flat. With your help, our state Representatives also passed much-needed reforms to our election laws such as the voter ID law and GAB reform. They also made other important reforms, such as making Wisconsin a Right-to-Work State and partially repealing the requirement to pay the prevailing wage for local, municipal projects.

At the national level, Republicans now control the US Senate by 4 votes, the US House of Representatives by 30 votes, while 31 State Governors are Republican, as are 31 State legislatures.

But this is not enough. We have one final roadblock, and that is the Presidential Veto pen which is blocking much-needed reform. That can be defeated this year if we all continue to work together and elect a Republican President and give him strong Republican Majorities in the House and Senate to work with. This is our only chance to roll back the destructive changes made by the Democrat party in the past seven years. In 2016, with your help, the Republican Party has a good chance of taking back the presidency. When that happens, the conservative movement must take a very hard look at what we want to accomplish in the future, which is why it is even more imperative that YOU belong to the Republican party of your local county -- the RPECC -- so you can have a say in how that party will govern!

As the past 7 years show, ELECTIONS DO MATTER! The differences between Republicans and Democrats are stark and dramatic.

If you do not 'advocate for comprehensive immigration reform providing a reasonable legal path to residency and citizenship' [DPW Platform 2014], but rather think 'the United States should grant citizenship only to those who want to embrace and defend American values and culture' and 'believe ... that border control is a national security issue and current laws must be vigorously enforced' [RPW platform 2014], join the Republican Party and help elect people who espouse those views.

If you do not believe 'the best solution to our national health care crisis is a single‐payer system' [DPW Platform 2014], but rather 'believe the Affordable Health Care Act should be repealed in favor of free market solutions ... to bring down the cost of health care such as transparency, charity, portability, competition among insurers, and tort reform' [RPW platform 2014], join the Republican Party and help elect people who will truly reform our healthcare system.

If you do not believe in 'freedom of reproductive choice, family planning, and the individual’s right to choose death with dignity including physician‐assisted end‐of‐life' [DPW Platform 2014], but rather believe 'our natural rights, as embodied in the U.S. Constitution, begin at conception and continue until death' [RPW platform 2014], join the Republican Party and help elect people who will protect the most innocent.

If you do not believe 'Public funding for private schools diverts resources from and adversely impacts public schools' or 'support increased local, state, and federal funding of arts and humanities' [DPW Platform 2014], but rather 'support investments to ensure a healthy public school system and the freedom of choice in educational options including, but not limited to, public schools, charter schools, home schooling, virtual schools, and a school choice voucher program' [RPW platform 2014], join the Republican Party and help elect people who wish to educate our children, not merely enrich teachers' unions.

If you do not support 'a concealed carry ban, background checks on all gun sales, banning the sale of assault weapons, and limits on the size of magazines' [DPW Platform 2014], but rather 'oppose all efforts to require registration of firearms and to restrict ownership, manufacture, transfer, carrying, or sale of firearms or ammunition by law-abiding citizens' [RPW platform 2014], join the Republican Party and help elect people who will fight for your right to protect yourself and your loved ones.

If you do not believe 'our military budget should be reduced with greater emphasis placed on economic development and diplomacy to achieve global security and curtail the undue influence of the “Military Industrial Complex.” ' [DPW Platform 2014], but rather believe that 'America must defend herself and her allies from those who threaten our freedom and way of life' and that 'the government must provide adequate funding for this constitutionally mandated responsibility' [RPW platform 2014], join the Republican Party.

Together we stand; divided we fall. Local activism wins or loses elections. We appreciate any and all assistance! We request, and need, your participation in the upcoming political process. Please join the Republican Party of Eau Claire County this year. Memberships must be received by Feb. 24 to vote in the RPECC caucus on March 5. At minimum, please vote for conservative candidates in every election and share your opinions with family and friends. Please remember to vote for Rebecca Bradley for Supreme Court in the February 16 primary and the April 5 election, and Ron Johnson for US Senate in November.

Finally, if you have any interest in serving on the Executive Committee of the RPECC or have a resolution you wish to present at the March 5th RPECC Caucus, or wish to become a Community Captain in Eau Claire, please contact me ASAP at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 715-579-8388. We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our leadership team.

Together, we WILL make the difference between now and November, 2016!


Michael R. Conlin
Republican Party of Eau Claire County