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Community Organizer or Business Builder

In a recent speech, President Obama bared his soul and explained his policies when he said, “If you were successful, you didn’t get there on your own . . . You got a business, that, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.” Obama’s speech also explained tax increases and touted much “spread-the-wealth-around” collectivist rhetoric.

In a recent interview, Tom Stemberg, founder of Staples, explained how that in 1985, Mitt Romney, while at Bain Capital, the venture capital company he founded, took a chance by helping him establish his office supply company. He explained how the idea of discount office supplies appealed to Romney’s frugal nature. Staples became a Fortune 500 company, employing 87,782 individuals with annual revenue of $25 billion.  

At the same time that Romney helped create Staples, President Obama was launching his community activist career in Chicago where he organized public housing residents to demand more from the government. Obama continues this work on a national scale. In fact, the non-partisan CBO announced in April that food stamp recipients increased 135% between 2007 and 2011. One in seven Americans receives food stamps.

According to The Huffington Post, in June, 14.9% of Americans (up 0.4% since May) were either unemployed, had been forced to settle for part time work, or had given up looking for work. Obama’s jobs council hasn’t met for six months and his 3.5 years at the helm has created $5 trillion in new debt.

Community organizer, or business builder? The choice is clear to me. We desperately need Mitt Romney. We also must replace Obama’s minion Ron Kind (D-LaCrosse) with Republican Colonel Boland and make sure that a fiscal conservative compliments Ron Johnson (R-WI) in the Senate. We must send Tammy Baldwin (D-Madison), Ron Kind and President Obama to the unemployment lines.

Dave Westrate

Repeal & Replace 

Stephen Moore, Senior Economics Writer for The Wall Street Journal, recently said that their staff calculated that 75% of Obamacare’s taxes (individual mandate) will be paid for by families earning less than $120,000; i.e. the middle class. Democrats Obama, Congressman Kind and Senate candidate Baldwin enacted the largest tax increase in U.S. history.


A Heritage Foundation study estimates that Obamacare’s hospital tax expunges $210 billion annually from taxpayers, no doubt at the expense of job-creating investments. The “mandate” taxes $65 billion annually. Prepare to pay more for health insurance, medications and medical devices as insurance companies and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers absorb $60, $27 and $20 billion respectively in annual taxes.


Companies with over fifty employees can save thousands by paying fines instead of providing insurance. Many employers, including perhaps yours, will simply pay the penalty, dumping your family into “exchanges” that will morph into Medicare. Don’t expect to keep your current insurance and doctor.


What do we get in return? A CBO report says that “the share of legal, nonelderly residents with insurance is projected to rise from 82% in 2012 to 93% in 2022.” However, a National Institute for Health Care Management study determined that 25.5% of uninsured Americans were already eligible for public programs but not enrolled, 15.5% earn more than $92,000 annually (400% federal poverty threshold, family of four example) and 27% earn moderate income ($46,100 - $91,999), i.e. 68% have access.


I sympathize for those with preexisting conditions, but a Health Affairs article determined that only about 12% of the uninsured (5 – 6 million) go without insurance for lengthy periods, indicative of inability to find reasonably priced insurance. We don’t need a law projected to add $1.1 trillion in debt and $510 billion in new taxes to help several million people. Repeal and replace.


Dave Wood, MBA, Eau Claire
Romney's plan will preserve Social Security

On Governor Romney's website, he clearly defines how he will work with Social Security going forward